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Matobo Brands


The North Fork Valley of Colorado, similar to Napa Valley, provides the most exceptional microclimate conditions for producing hemp that we have seen throughout the state. Every one of our farms is located in an area with alkaline soil, wetness, temperature variations, and mountain water, which produces award-winning and nationally acclaimed cannabis.


Yield is an important aspect in maintaining a hemp farm year after year. To boost yield for our farmers, we train them in strategies that will allow them to be profitable and stay in business. Training in super cropping, topping, and the FIM method is part of our certification procedure. farmers obtain twice as much cannabinoid-rich hemp flower to sell at the end of the year when they use all three of these approaches.


Hemp is the most effective plant on the globe at extracting toxins from the soil. It's so effective that it's frequently used to clean up radioactive sites like Chernobyl. We understood that even if we grew our plants organically, we would be disappointing our customers if we did not ensure that our soil was clean. Not us, but most hemp farms in the United States are produced on ancient corn and hay fields that have been doused with dangerous pesticides for decades.


What goes into a plant eventually ends up in the finished product. If you haven't guessed by now, we exclusively employ natural and safe chemicals. Worms, compost teas, molass, aloe, silica, alfalfa, and other natural products can be found on our farms. Our methods aren't typical in the farming sector, but we're not your typical CBD company, and by pushing ourselves to employ natural growth ingredients and products, we can definitely guarantee that you're getting the greatest hemp possible.


Most growers use synthetic boosters to increase terpenes, crystal formations, cannabinoid proportion, bud density, or bud size. Although most people are fine with this, Happy Buddha Hemp certifications assure that you are only buying items that have been processed with molasses, an edible sugar.